Which Season Is Best For Your Senior Photos?

September 10, 2023

Let’s talk about choosing the right season for your Senior photos, because this is a topic that comes up with almost every single one of my Senior clients, and there are some very important things for you to consider before you decide!

Because we live in an area where the weather is pretty warm most of the year, I usually direct Seniors to book between October and mid-April, but I do sessions year-round! So how do you decide which season is best for your Senior photos?

Consider things such as the overall vision you have for your photos, the types of clothes/outfits you love to wear the most, your schedule (because Senior year gets crazy!), and when you will need your photos for things like graduation announcements! I’ve created a pros and cons list to narrow these things down and help you decide what season is best for you, but first I want you to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What do you want your photos to look like? I’m sure you’ve probably already created a Pinterest board filled with inspiration for your Senior session; take a look at it! What do you see pictured? Are there golden grass fields, pumpkins, and lots of reds and oranges? Fall is probably perfect for you! Do you see a lot of greens and florals? Then Spring is probably best!

  1. What do you love to wear? Be sure to think about the types of clothing you love to wear! If you love sundresses, skirts, and sandals, then you probably want a Summer or Spring session. Maybe you prefer sweaters, boots, jackets, and hats. If so, you’ll most likely want a Fall or Winter session!

  1. What will your schedule be like? Think about your personal schedule and when you will be the busiest during the year. Spring gets incredibly busy for Seniors with prom, college tours, banquets, graduation, etc., but there may be other things keeping you busy too such as sports or other clubs/organizations that have events going on throughout the year. You may want to choose a time when your schedule is a bit more flexible for your Senior photos.

  1. When will you and your family need your photos? Your photos won’t be ready the very next day after your session, or even the next week, so you also need to take your photographer’s turnaround time on your gallery into account. Yearbook ad deadlines tend to be in the late Fall or early Winter. If that’s something you are participating in, then it’s probably best to get your photos taken earlier in the Fall. This will give your photographer enough time to make sure that you have your photos in time for you to meet that deadline. If you are using your photos for graduation announcements or invitations, you’ll need your photos back in time to mail them out 3-4 weeks before your graduation ceremony and/or graduation party!

Now that you’ve answered those questions, take some time to look over the pros and cons list below to determine the best season for your Senior photos!

Summer: June, July, & August


  • Perfect if you want your summer tan in the photos
  • Longer days
  • More dates available
  • Great for destination shoots because you have more time to travel 
  • Perfect if you love summer clothing (dresses, shorts, etc.)
  • Cross it off your to-do list before Senior year gets crazy
  • Meet the yearbook deadline in plenty of time
  • Great for studio sessions


  • Usually hotter and more humid days 
  • Morning sessions are strongly recommended to avoid negative effects from heat later in the day
  • May feel too early because you haven’t started your Senior year yet
  • You may be busy with vacation, summer job, etc.

Fall: September, October, & November


  • Seniors are usually not as busy in the fall so there’s more time available for photos
  • More dates are available to book than in the spring
  • You will have your photos in time to meet the yearbook deadline
  • Cross it off your Senior to-do list early
  • Mild temperatures (not too hot or cold)
  • Beautiful colors in the background (great golden hours!!)
  • Best time to get the tall, golden grass field look 
  • Can usually still find flowers
  • Can combine warm and cool weather styles (can even get photos that look very spring)


  • Days begin to get shorter so your shoot will have to begin earlier in the day (may result in missing the majority of a school day)
  • Humidity can still be an issue
  • If you play a Fall sport, this time may be very busy for you

Winter: December, January, & February


  • More dates are available to book than in the Spring
  • Perfect if you love winter clothing like sweaters and jackets
  • Most Seniors aren’t as busy as in other months
  • Cross it off your Senior to-do list
  • Great for studio sessions


  • Days are shorter so your shoot will have to begin earlier in the day (may result in missing the majority of a school day)
  • Higher chance of rescheduling due to bad weather
  • May be colder than you are comfortable with
  • A bit more challenging to find pretty nature in background, less color and more brown (great for urban locations)

Spring: March, April, & May


  • Lots of rich greens and other bright colors in the background
  • Great for floral photos
  • Days begin to get longer so you may not have to miss too much of a school day
  • Perfect if you love spring fashion such as sundresses and sandals
  • More likely that you’ll have your cap and gown and know what college you’re going to


  • Much higher chance of rescheduling due to rainy/overcast weather
  • Seniors are at their absolute busiest during spring
  • Limited dates available to book because this is the busiest season
  • Pollen is high for those with allergies, and bugs are more active
  • You may not get your photos as early as you want/need for graduation announcements or for school slideshows and this may cause you and your parents to feel very rushed

I hope you found the pros and cons list/questions helpful and can now make the best decision in regards to choosing a date for your Senior session!

My 2024 dates go live for booking on October 1st to those on my waitlist first, and then they will open up to the public on October 4th! If you haven’t had a chance to join the waitlist, make sure to do so by clicking HERE.

If you’re still unsure about when to book your session, I’d love to chat with you! You can send me an email at info@kamrynnicholsphotography.com!

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