What is the KNP Model Team?

The KNP Model Team is like a family! It's a place for High School Seniors to feel supported, celebrated, and loved! Everyone gets to know each other, form incredible friendships, and create some super fun memories for their Senior Year!

As a member of the Model Team you will represent Kamryn Nichols Photography during your Senior Year, and become part of a group of girls who participate in photoshoots and other events throughout the year!

KNP Models Receive:

Group Styled Shoots

Being part of the KNP model team means you get to participate in lots of different styled photoshoots throughout your Senior year including headshot, cap and gown, holiday, and other fun shoots for social media!

Individual Senior Session

In addition to the group shoots, all KNP models will receive their own individual session (the Deluxe session) with hair and makeup included! Just like all other Seniors, the model's individual session will be customized to fit their unique style and personality!


Throughout the year, the KNP model team will get together for coffee, go shopping for Senior outfits, take fun classes, go to movies, have small parties / get-togethers, and so much more! We'll be constantly trying to find ways to hang out together and grow as a team!

Destination Shoot

Models will have the opportunity to travel with the KNP team on a destination shoot somewhere outside of San Antonio, possibly even outside of Texas! You'll get to experience a fun new place all while bonding with the team!


The main goal of the KNP model team is to become like a second family! Models may come from multiple different schools, so you'll be able to meet girls you may have never gotten the chance to meet otherwise, and create friendships that could last a lifetime!

Photos for Your Entire Senior Year

All models will receive both group and individual photos from each session we do as a team, as well as the photos from their individual Senior session. Imagine having a photo album filled with beautiful, professional photos that document all the different moments of your Senior year! How great would that be?

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— Hadley H.

— Avery M.

"Being on Kamryn’s team was such a blast! The images she  captured of me and the entire team are so incredibly beautiful! I felt so blessed to be on the team and for all the experiences I’ve gotten from it!"

"I have never had professional photos taken before and I started out scared in front of the camera. Kamryn is so encouraging and really has a passion for what she does, and I have grown to be more comfortable and confident in myself! "

— Vaughn D.

— Anna C.

"KNP was amazing to be apart of! Joining the team allowed me to realize how easy it is to make friends even if they don't go to your school. The sweetest people become your friends and that was such a beautiful thing that I  experienced on this team!"

"Being on this model team taught me so many things and brought me so many experiences I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else! Being surrounded by such a safe and supportive team helped me reach my goals, and made me want to help my team members reach their full potential as well!"

— Isabella K.

— Kahli V.

"Kamryn is the ultimate hype woman, and being on the KNP team has really helped me to become more comfortable in front of a camera! I met one of my closest friends through this program, made countless memories with the girls, and I have so many amazing photos!   I can’t thank Kamryn enough for this opportunity!

"I loved being on the KNP model team! It was so great meeting new girls, becoming friends with them, and getting to do all of the super fun photoshoots with all of them! Kamryn is an amazing photographer, and I always had a great time when she was taking my photos!

Yes, there is a model investment fee that all models must pay in order to participate on the team. This fee covers hair and makeup for their individual senior session, as well as the big group styled shoot we will do, and all the digital images the models will receive throughout the year. The models will receive lots of extra perks that regular clients do not.

Is There A Fee To Participate On The Team?

There is not a set number, it depends on the amount of applications I receive and who I feel would be a good addition to the team. While I would love to accept everyone, in order to give those on the team a good experience, I can't take everyone who applies.

How Many Models Do You Take Each Year?

The team will be available to high school girls who live in San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Austin, and other surrounding areas.

Do I have to live in San Antonio in order to be on the team?

High school girls who are upcoming Seniors! The VIP list for the model team will open in January of your Junior year, and everyone who gets on that list will be able to apply!

Who Can Apply For The Model Team?

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Make sure to follow @kamrynnicholsphotography on Instagram to see updates about the team, and know exactly when to apply! The VIP List will open in January, and then applications and all other information about the team will be sent to those on the list!

How Do I Become A KNP Model?

I am looking for girls who are kind, friendly, outgoing, and excited to be on the team. Because I want the team to become like a second family, I want girls who will hype each other up, support one another, and really be there for each other throughout the year.

What Do You Look For In A KNP Model?

All photoshoots will be scheduled to give everyone on the team the best possible opportunity to attend. However, I understand things come up, and models are not required to attend every single photoshoot or event we do throughout the year. Although, the more you participate, the more you'll get out of the program, and the more photos you'll receive!

What If I Can't Make It To Every Shoot?

No, as a KNP Senior spokesmodel you would be representing my business, and therefore would agree to use only me as your photographer throughout your entire Senior year. You would not be allowed to post, tag, or share photos from another photographer until after your contract is up, and you are no longer a KNP model.

Can I be on the Model Team and Have My Photos Taken By Another Photographer?

step 6

Wait To Be Notified If You've Made The Team

step 5

Attend Model Info Night with A Parent

step 4

Tell Your Friends to Apply

step 3

Check Your Email For More Details

Step 2

Submit Your Application and Video

Step 1

Get On The VIP List

The Application Process

The 2024 KNP Model Application is currently closed.

The Application will open in January for the 2025 Team!

Meet The KNP 2024 Senior Model Team!