Abby, TAMU Class of 2020

March 23, 2022

A&M Senior Photos

Back in February of this year I went up to Texas A&M University for a couple of different sessions, and through a mutual friend I got to meet the wonderful Abby!

Abby actually graduated from A&M back in 2020, but because of the pandemic, not only did she not get a normal graduation, but she was never able to get graduation photos either! Of course, once I hear this, I could not let that stand. Graduation is such an important time in everyone’s lives and it should be captured no matter what! So she grabbed her cap and gown, a couple of cute outfits, and her adorable dog Freckles, and we went straight to campus to give her the Graduation photos she deserved! Not only did we get such an incredible golden hour, but because we took her photos early on in February, the campus was like a ghost town! No waiting in line at the admin building or bell tower, no people in the backgrounds at the stadium or military walk, it was by far one of the best TAMU sessions I’ve ever had!

I’m so glad Abby and I found each other and I was able to give her something she never thought she’d get. Congratulations Abby!!!

college station photographer              

Senior Photographer             College Station Senior Photographer

TAMU Senior Photography

TAMU Senior Photography             Aggie Grad Photos

TAMU Senior Photos 

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